White Pencil StudioWhite Pencil Studio
Kathy Carbonetti
In a digital age, the pencil seems like a thing of the past, but at White Pencil Studio, we let it serve as a reminder that a click of a button does not guarantee successful creative results. Great ideas are born when a creative mind engages in uninhibited contemplation and a true willingness to explore.

As a Philadelphia-based creative group, White Pencil Studio specializes in comprehensive visual and verbal communications. We began in 1996 with one individual and exist today as an extensive network of creative professionals from all disciplines dedicated to delivering innovative and highly successful communications for your product or service.

With white pencil in hand, the pursuit of perfection is guaranteed. Our icon represents freedom to continuously seek improvement, explore every angle and sharpen our focus. We view every creative challenge as an opportunity for growth, the chance to create a solution that is a masterpiece of design which will build upon our solid portfolio of work.